Friday, April 15, 2016

#28: Hot Wheels - Tanknator (HW Daredevils 155/200)

I've been keeping an eye out for the Minecraft mining cart in the Hot Wheels section lately, when I noticed the Tanknator. What caught my eye is that the picture on the card shows a person riding in the tank, and the tank itself has the little handholds that lead me to believe that it's LEGO minifigure compatible. Unfortunately, the space in the turret is just a little too narrow for a LEGO minifigure's legs to fit. But they can hang off the sides with the handholds. Other than that disappointment, it's a pretty cool looking tank.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

#27: Star Wars The Black Series - Clone Commander Cody

Now that The Force Awakens has been released to physical media, and today's teaser for Rogue One has dropped, here's a figure from a completely different era of the Star Wars saga. Also, a fun fact that I recently became aware of is that Hasbro Toy Shop has an eBay account. They offer free shipping on orders more than 99 cents, so it's a better deal than shopping at the actual website. Anyway, as the only named clone in the movies, Cody has always been a favorite, which is helped by his cool distinctive armor. Like almost every other clone trooper figure, he's armed with the clone blaster and rifle. Since this is one of the older figures, he has double hinged elbows while newer figures have hinge/swivels.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

#26: Star Wars The Black Series - First Order Snowtrooper

After having nothing but Finn and Constable Zuvio for what seems like forever, my local Target finally stocked some newer figures, including the Snowtrooper I've been waiting on. It's exactly the same as the Snowtrooper officer, except for the shoulder pauldron. Now I've got all the Force Awakens figures I want, until they make some new ones. Fingers crossed for a General Organa and unmasked Kylo Ren!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

#25: LEGO Minifigures Series 15 - Shark Suit Guy

I'm kind of burnt out on the blind packed minifigure thing now that we're on series 15. But I knew that I wanted to at least get the shark suit guy, because people in costumes is my favorite theme of the minifigures. I'll probably pass on the entire next series, which is all Disney characters. Shark suit guy is easy to feel for because his torso has flippers instead of arms. Also, the head/fin/tail piece is pretty distinctive as well.

#24: iZombie - Liv Moore

For whatever reason, iZombie got an action figure. As a fan of the show, I'm cool with that. Apparently, it's not the best seller, and I was able to get one marked down from the Toys R Us website. Anyway, Liv is a cool figure with one huge problem: her left leg is longer than her right leg. It's fortunate that there is a stand included, otherwise there's no way she could stand up on her own. She has a few alternate hands, as well as accessories like a length of pipe, a bottle of hot sauce, and a cup of coffee. Pictured is her alternate chopsticks holding hand, and a brain noodle casserole dish.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

#23: Bandai Star Wars - Ronin Boba Fett

Thinkgeek was having a really good sale, and next thing you know, this shows up at my doorstep. I've been interested in this line of Star Wars characters re-imagined as feudal Japanese warriors, but have held off on buying any until now. I figured if I only get one, Boba Fett works best as a one-off, plus I like his design best. These figures are in a larger scale, more of a 7 or 8 inch scale. Aside from the variety of interchangeable hands, Fett's accessories include several knives that stow on his legs, a short sword, and a flintlock version of his usual blaster. The jet pack is removable, and the antenna on his helmet can be rotated up or down.

#22: DC Comics Multiverse - Superman (The Dark Knight Returns)

A couple years ago when DC Universe Classics was in its dying throes, Mattel put out a Batman based on The Dark Knight Returns which was based on the Masters of the Universe Classics body. It seemed like that was a one off, but now there's a Wal-mart exclusive wave that continues that concept. So now we get the companion Superman to that Batman figure, which I'd been hoping for. Being based on the MotUC body, Superman is appropriately chunky. The head is fairly stylized to reflect the artwork from DKR, and it has the most extreme S-curl on Superman's hair that I think I've ever seen on a figure. Superman includes one accessory, the kryptonite arrow that was fired at him, appropriately enough, by Green Arrow.
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