Tuesday, October 6, 2015

#43: Transformers Generations Combiner Wars - Devastator

Devastator represents the best part of Transformers, taken a step further: robots that turn into vehicles, and then can combine into an even bigger robot. The first, and arguably the best, combiner is certainly being given the star treatment in the Combiner Wars theme that Transformers toys have going this year. As the centerpiece of the line, there is the new Devastator set I've been dreaming of since I was a kid, made up entirely of voyager class figures that make a toy that is dwarfed in size only by the recent Metroplex. I never had the original Devastator, so I'm really glad that they made this set. It's a very nice upgrade from the original, with much less awkward looking proportions, and a substantial boost in size. Devastator is even surprisingly well articulated. The only real issue I have is with the right foot, which doesn't have much forward support, as the scoop from Scrapper doesn't have a good way of locking in place, or at least not so far as I've noticed.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

#42: Batman The Classic Series - Batgirl

When Mattel released the '66 Batman figures, the most conspicuous absence in the lineup was Batgirl. The line didn't really last long, but there were rumors that she would later be released in a 3 pack with Batman and Robin. I thought that was a really obnoxious way to release her, as anyone who would want a Batgirl figure would probably already have Batman and Robin (like me). Mattel. Ultimately, Batgirl was released solo as a Toys R Us SDCC '15 exclusive. Fortunately, she was easy enough to order online. Batgirl comes in a fancier box than the regular line, which was on standard cards. Although it's a con exclusive, it's nothing extravagant. There are no accessories, aside from the stand and backing card, which has a city scape on one side and Batgirl herself on the other. One of the highlights of the figure is the cape, which is double sided. Unfortunately, due to the way it's packaged, it is currently stuck flared out, although I hope with time it will hang at a more natural angle.

Sadly, Batgirl herself, Yvonne Craig, passed on soon after the release of this figure. I don't know if she got to see one herself, but I'd like to think she thought it was cool if she did.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

#41: S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon - Sailor Venus

Originally, I planned to get all the Sailor Scouts in the order they joined the team, but when it came time to get Sailor Mars, she was hard to find for a reasonable price, while Venus was relatively cheap. So we're skipping around a bit. The main thing that differentiates the characters visually, aside from color, is their hair and their shoes. So that means Venus gets her usual shoes (with ankle straps?), and her large mane of blonde hair. Similar to Usagi, her hair is articulated, with either end able to rotate out to make the hair more or less flared. Minako was actually out heroing before the rest of the Sailor Scouts, as Sailor V. Bandai are making un upcoming Sailor V figure, but for this release, she does include the Sailor V mask, both as a wearable option, or one that is held in her hand. She also includes the stand and various face and hand options typical of the line. Minako's main accessory is Artemis the cat. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a Venus Love Me Chain accessory, which would make for some cool attack posing.

Friday, August 28, 2015

#40: Marvel Legends Age of Ultron - Ultron

Rather than being a build a figure for the series of figures that included Age of Ultron characters, Ultron ended up being the build a figure for the Ant-Man series. Because I have been extremely lax updating this blog lately, you may or may not recall that I have Ant-Man and the Wasp. I actually bought the entire series at once, which was only the third time I was able to get something I wanted out from the stockroom at Target. So now I have some figures I don't want, which will probably end up for sale online soon. But anyway, Ultron. His characterization in the movie was a bit different than I was expecting and his face kind of weirds me out somehow, but at the end of the day he's a giant killer robot, which is always something I dig. He is appropriately taller than other Marvel Legends figures. He's mostly grey plastic, with some silver paint that is only on the front of his body, as well as some other highlights.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#39: Marvel Legends Infinite Series - Marvel's Wasp

Since the Wasp isn't properly in the Ant-Man movie, this series of Marvel Legends gets the next best thing with a comic based figure of her. Her previous Marvel Legends figure was the same costume. Given how likely Jan is to change costumes, one would think that a different costume would be appropriate in a newer figure. Oh well. Thanks to the wings on her back, the Wasp isn't the easiest figure to get standing. As it is, she's kind of hunched over. She doesn't have any accessories, unless you count her wings (which are removable) and the build a figure piece that she's packaged with.

Friday, July 24, 2015

#38: Marvel Legends Infinite Series - Ant-Man

When it comes to toys, the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is no Avengers. Fortunately, there is at least a Marvel Legends version of Ant-Man. Interestingly, this is the wave that has Ultron as a build-a-figure. I suppose it's appropriate in that the comic version of Ultron was created by Hank Pym. Anyway, here's Ant-Man in his movie inaccurate helmet. I'm not sure if they were working off early concept art or what, but the helmet doesn't have an exposed mouth like that. Ah, well, whatever. Otherwise, the costume is pretty accurate.

Ant-Man comes with a couple of nice accessories: a miniaturized version of himself, his trusty steed Ant-ony, and a miniaturized Yellowjacket. Sadly, I think that's the only version of Yellowjacket that Hasbro is making. Who needs figures of the antagonists, right?

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#37: Jurassic World - Tyrannosaurus Rex

When it came out, I saw Jurassic Park way too many times in the theater. So of course I was pretty excited to see Jurassic World. During most of the movie, I was wondering why the T Rex got so little screen time, but by the end I could understand why. Something that I really liked is that the T Rex in Jurassic World is the same one from the first movie. This T Rex isn't as large as the first movies T Rex toy, but is more akin in size (and color!) to the juvenile T Rex toy. This time around, the skin is made of a harder plastic, and there's no "dino damage." She has an action feature, where by pushing a button on the back, the jaws open.
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