Sunday, February 19, 2017

#17: Pop! Television Ash vs Evil Dead - Ash

I saw a while back that Funko would be coming out with Pop! versions of Ash vs Evil Dead (at this point, nothing being made into Pop! form will surprise me), but kind of forgot about it. Then on a recent trip to Target, they were in stock so I got the Ash. Since Ash vs Evil Dead takes place a couple decades after the movies, this is middle aged Ash, as you can tell by the graying sideburns and crow's feet on his eyes. But since he's still wearing basically the same outfit as in Evil Dead II, you can just ignore those subtle touches and pretend it's that version of Ash if you want to.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

#16: S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon - Sailor Saturn

Finally, I have Sailor Saturn, completing my team. For whatever reason(I've heard conflicting rumors of lower production runs/exclusivity), Saturn has become expensive/hard to find recently, making me regret not buying one a couple years ago at a reasonable price. Although I had to pay more than I would have liked, most of it was through gift card credit online so I only had to spend about 15 bucks out of pocket (for about the same price, you can buy a bootleg!). Since Saturn is younger than the rest of the Sailor Scouts, she's also the shortest figure (aside from Chibisua, of course). Her main accessory, the Silence Glaive, is bigger than her. She also includes the standard extra faces, hands, and a stand. Now that I've collected the whole team, I'm still deciding whether I want Sailor Mask, Chibiusa, or any of the others.

Monday, February 13, 2017

#15: S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon - Sailor Pluto

Sailor Pluto is the penultimate Sailor Scout to be added to my collection. Not really a regular member of the team, she guards the Door of Time and Space. She includes the standard array of different expressions, various hands, and a stand. Her main accessory is the Garnet Rod, which splits into three pieces for ease of putting it into her hands for holding it. The Garnet Orb on top is removable as well, and there is a special hand that it plugs into so she can hold it. Given that Pluto is no longer considered to be a planet, I wonder if her character would even exist if Sailor Moon were being written for the first time today.

Monday, January 30, 2017

#14: The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures - Catman

I think that most people who are fans of Catman can think Gail Simone's runs on Secret Six. I am definitely one of those people. While Catman did have a six inch figure from Mattel a couple years back, it was a pleasant surprise to see him show up in the movie series, and of course it was one of must haves. The claws he uses are more like brass knuckles, but for the minifigure they are Wolverine claws, so they are kind of too long. But that's understandable, as it's a way to save on new tooling. Interestingly, Catman's mask is completely different from Batman's. This is one of the pieces that you can feel for, it feels different from a Batman mask  because the ears are shorter, and more distinctively there's no chin strap piece to it. The claws are also something fairly distinctive to feel for.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

#13: The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures - Red Hood

Ever since The Killing Joke, it's more or less been accepted canon that the Joker was operating under the Red Hood identity prior to getting dumped in a vat of chemicals, and that even survived into the New 52. So that's basically what you're getting here, a guy in a nice suit with a cape and dome over head head, armed with a couple pistols. Feeling for the dome or the pistols is probably the best way to find him. Interestingly, the head underneath the dome is the modern Jason Todd Red Hood mask. I'm not sure if this is true, but I'm assuming all the characters in this minifigures series will be in the movie. So how does Red Hood figure into it? I would guess a flashback for the Joker, since he seems to be the primary antagonist of the movie. Since this version of Batman is just starting to work with Dick Grayson as Robin, having Jason Todd wouldn't make any sense. So the Jason Todd head here is probably just a fun Easter egg. I guess we'll find out in a couple weeks!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

#12: The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures - Vacation Batman

The other Batman variant I wanted to get was Vacation Batman. Normally Batman doesn't seem like the kind of guy that would let himself take a vacation, but LEGO Batman isn't quite so serious. He may be all about Darkness and the color black, but he likes to have a good time as well. So this is Batman ready for some pool-time fun. He's got his bat-trunks, bat print aloha shirt, flippers, goggles, and floatation device. The goggles are a permanent part of the cowl. I found him in the packaging by feeling for the big round flotation device, although the swim fins are somewhat distinctive as well.

Friday, January 27, 2017

#11: The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures - Fairy Batman

Target got another case of two of the LEGO Batman Movie minifigures in, so I was finally able to get the rest of them that I wanted. Naturally, Fairy Batman is a must have. I don't know what role this costume will play in the movie, but hopefully it's more than a background cameo. Batman in a pink fairy costume with a wand is just one of those things that you'll probably either love or hate, and I'm definitely in the loving it camp. Finding this one is probably easiest by looking for the wings piece, although the skirt and wand are helpful as well.
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