Saturday, December 10, 2016

#87: Star Wars The Black Series - Captain Cassian Andor (Eadu)

To show you how far behind I am, we are now just getting to my Force Friday acquisitions. Force Friday, which was over two months ago. Anyway, first up from Rogue One is Captain Cassian Andor (Eadu). I'm guessing Eadu is cold, because he looks like he's wearing a similar outfit to what Han Solo wore on Hoth. I guess that's Rebel cold weather chic. That this figure is given the (Eadu) designation leads me to suspect at least one more version of him will be forthcoming. I'm pretty sure he's one of the main characters, so hopefully this won't be a Constable Zuvio situation. Cassian includes a blaster and a blaster pistol, which can be fit in a holster on his side. Overall, this is a nice enough figure, and hopefully I like the character enough in the movie to be glad I bought him.

Friday, December 9, 2016

#86: Hot Toys Civil War - Captain America

Since Hot Toys figures are so expensive, I very rarely buy one. But it was inevitable that I'd get a Captain America since he is basically my favorite part of the MCU. Naturally it's a very good looking figure, Hot Toys rarely disappoints there. I really like what Cap's costume has evolved into in the movies. Basically it's his Winter Soldier STRIKE suit, but in colors that are based on his classic costume. The Age of Ultron version had the white part on the sleeves as well, but that became blue for Civil War. I think Cap is the only Civil War figure from Hot Toys who doesn't include a tiny Ant Man accessory. What he does include is a selection of different hands, two expressions for the masked head (the lower part of the face is held on by a magnet), an unmasked head, the broken mask of Crossbones, a display stand, and of course his mighty shield. The shield is made of metal (probably not vibranium, sadly. Definitely no adamantium as that doesn't exist in the MCU) and can be either worn on his arm or hung from his back.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

#85: DC Comics Multiverse Suicide Squad - Croc

Since I got all the figures from the Suicide Squad series of the Multiverse line, I was able to build the Killer Croc figure. I guess they don't want to print "killer" on something that goes in the toy aisles? He's a good inch taller than the other figures in the line, which may be a bit oversized in relation to the actual actors. But having him be larger than normal works for the character. Killer Croc is one of the few build a figures that has a variant. If you also buy the two Harley variants and the Joker variant (which are Amazon and Toys R Us exclusives), you can assemble a Croc with a shirt and hoodie on. I think that version looks pretty cool, but not enough to shell out for the three extra figures.

Monday, December 5, 2016

#84: DC Comics Multiverse Suicide Squad - Batman

Due to my ambivalence about the standard Batfleck costume, I never got that figure from the BvS line. Turns out, that was a good thing because it was re-released for Suicide Squad, but with more accessories. I'm still not a fan of the weird texture, but overall it is a cool design. It's definitely cool to get a batsuit that's not all black in the live action movies. There are some weird metallic accents on the gauntlets and boots that I don't remember. Presumably they are there in the movie, and I just didn't notice. For accessories, this Batman has an alternate head with gasmask, handcuffs, three batarangs, his grapnel gun, and a smoke bomb canister.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

#83: Batman Hot Wheels - The Bat (227/250)

I never found a Bat when the Dark Knight Rises came out, but looks like Hot Wheels has re-released it, as I found one recently. It's a nice reminder of what a truly weird design this is. Like the Hot Wheels Enterprise, this is one vehicle that would benefit from a stand. Ah well, it was only a buck, so it's hard to complain.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

#82: Marvel Legends Spider-Man - Evil Adversaries (Hobgoblin)

Spider-Man has a surprisingly wide array of nemeses who fly around on gliders and have a goblin theme. Green Goblin is of course the most important, and Hobgoblin is probably the most prominent of the non-green goblin types. There have been a few different Hobgoblins (there was a BAF for a different version a while back), but this is the classic. I'm pretty sure that most of Hobgoblin's body will be repainted for the upcoming Green Goblin figure, which is pretty accurate to the comic look. For accessories, Hobgoblin most importantly includes his glider and a translucent pumpkin bomb. Fortunately, the glider is designed so that it can stand while Hobgoblin is on it. There is also an alternate Demogoblin head.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

#81: LEGO Minifigures series 16 - Penguin Boy

The penguin boy is the other costumed minifigure that I wanted to get from this series. Not only is it a kid in a penguin costume, he is also wearing ice skates. It's pretty easy to feel for him in the package, because it's the only minifigure in this series with the winged torso. The ice skates are also pretty distinctive pieces to feel for.
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