Sunday, January 31, 2016

#9: DC Comics Multiverse - Batman v Superman Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is finally making it to the big screen, so Mattel has a figure of her. Oddly, there is an Aquaman figure, but it's in the cheaper, less articulated line. Maybe Aquaman is in the second set of four movie figures in the Multiverse line? Anyway, this is movie Wonder Woman. I think that out of all the female figures I've had from Mattel, this is the first one that doesn't have ridiculously thin arms. So yay for progress. Wonder Woman comes armed with a sword and shield. Judging by the positioning of the straps and handle on the shield, it's meant to go on her right arm, although it's pretty difficult to get her fingers around the handle itself. It's the other way in the trailer, but whatever. The likeness on the figure isn't the best, although I'm not sure if that's due more to sculpt or to paint. You can't see in this picture, but what looks like the golden Lasso of Truth is hanging off Diana's right hip.

#8: Marvel Legends Spider-Man - Edge of Spider-Verse (Spider-Gwen)

Spider-Gwen has been one of the breakout stars of recent years, getting a solo title soon after her first appearance, and already she has an action figure (where's Squirrel Girl, Hasbro?!). A Gwen Stacy from an alternate reality who was given spider powers, she also has a really awesomely designed costume.

My favorite part of the figure is that it includes an alternate head and a lowered hood piece.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

#7: Marvel Legends Spider-Man - Venom

I've wanted a basic Venom figure for a while, but it's been a surprisingly long time since there was a Marvel Legends version. Up until now, the only one I've had has been the movie version, which was way too muscular, so it was an odd movie/comic style hybrid. Venom is from the new Absorbing Man wave, which is still kind of hard to find locally. I lucked out by keeping an eye on Amazon, waiting for the price to go to a reasonable level. Venom has a couple different display options. There is a set of open hands, and a set of fists. Cooler are the two different heads, there's one that depicts his early appearance with just a big grin, and the more well known giant tongued look.

Friday, January 29, 2016

#6: DC Comics Multiverse - Batman v Superman Armored Batman

Batman v Superman is imminent, so toys are starting to show up. Mattel has a few different options for characters from the movie, but I'm going to stick with the six inch multiverse versions, as they're the closest thing to the previous Movie Masters toys. We've known for a while that BvS will draw a certain amount of inspiration from The Dark Knight Returns, notably including Batman donning a suit of armor to confront Superman. I'm still not entirely sold on Batman's regular suit for the film, but I really like the armored version. It even includes the spikes on the bottom of the boots, as seen in the comic. Movie Batman is apparently pretty relaxed about the no gun rule, as this figure includes a gun of some sort. It's in the trailers, and I'm guessing it's some sort of kryptonite gun. I guess we'll see. The best part of the figure is the supremely grumpy frown on Batman's face. Remember for the Dark Knight Rises figures, where you could collect them all to build a Batsignal? Well for these figures, you can collect them all to built a grapnel gun. Which is kind of cool, but the second four figures haven't even been revealed. So I'll probably pass on trying to do that.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

#5: LEGO Ideas Doctor Who - TARDIS (21304)

Now that LEGO has the Doctor Who license, the first (only?) building set released was from the LEGO Ideas program. Naturally, it's the TARDIS. Both the exterior and the control room. The control room is where the bulk of the pieces go for this set, and many of them are small pieces. So it's not a particularly large set, but it's pretty well detailed. It looks pretty cool, particularly the hexagonal control panels.

The other main part of the build is the TARDIS exterior, in its familiar police box shape. Its back side folds apart, and it plugs into the console room, or it can be displayed separately. There are a couple buildable Daleks, and four standard minifigures: the eleventh Doctor, the twelfth Doctor (post-regeneration), Clara, and a weeping angel. There is even a fez for 11.

Monday, January 25, 2016

#4: LEGO Star Wars - Rey's Speeder (75099)

Of the various sets from The Force Awakens, Rey's Speeder is the cheapest, and it is Rey-centric, so I decided to pick it up. The speeder is pretty cool, and is easily recognizable from onscreen. It has a play feature where the sides can open up, and there is a canister for storing ammo that fits inside. There are a couple of stud launchers on the sides, and they actually work significantly better than the previous style of flick launchers that LEGO sets have been using. Rey's tools plug onto the left side of the speeder, although there is no mesh piece to hold them as in the movie. LEGO sets have nets, right? That would have been a nice improvement to the set. The minifigures included are Rey and one of Unkar's thugs. I'm not sure what his name is, but this is Star Wars, so I'm sure he has one. The thug isn't the most exciting, and is armed with a crowbar. A space crowbar! Rey is armed with her trusty staff, and has can be displayed with her desert headwrap and goggles or with her hair out. The hair piece is definitely new, as her hairstyle is unique. I wish BB-8 had been included instead of the thug, but this is a cool set.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

#3: Star Wars The Black Series - First Order TIE Fighter Pilot

As big a fan as I am of the look for the Imperial forces, the Imperial TIE fighter pilots were never my favorite look. But I like the look of the First Order version a lot better. Probably because the helmet isn't so oversized, and looks even more like a Stormtrooper helmet. It also has what looks like a fold down visor, like on modern fighter pilot helmets. The Resistance pilots are still cooler looking, but at least in this generation, it's not by such a large margin. I'm glad this was released as a single figure, because the only other option for a TIE pilot would be the TIE fighter, which I have no room for. The TIE pilot is armed with the same blaster pistol that the Stormtroopers carry, although without the white markings, and no place to holster it.
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