Tuesday, September 27, 2016

#54: Marvel Legends - Rogue

The weird 90s trend of putting leather jackets on superheroes was generally more on the terrible side. But in Rogue's case, I'd say it worked out pretty well. You can probably blame the Saturday morning X-Men cartoon, but that Jim Lee era is always going to be the most iconic iteration of the X-Men to me. So I'm pretty glad that Hasbro decided to make a Rogue figure with this look, and that it turned out well. Her hair is sculpted in a somewhat windblown position, which helps it avoid getting too much in the way of the head articulation. The tops of her boots and the ends of her gloves are separate pieces that rest on their respective limbs. Rogue's sole accessory is pretty cool: an alternate bare hand, so she can use her memory/power absorbing ability.

Monday, September 26, 2016

#53: Marvel Legends - Iceman

Remember how Hasbro used to release holographic versions of Star Wars characters, which were basically just unpainted versions of the character cast in translucent blue? With Iceman figures, that seems to be the standard figure. Have they ever released a non-ice form Bobby Drake figure from the comics? I'm not sure. Now a figure based on his early "snowball" appearance would be interesting. Anyway. This is a more modern Iceman. It seems to be mostly based on the Spider-Man body, what with the thin frame and extra rotating shoulder joints. But the head, forearms, hands, lower legs, and possibly feet are new sculpts. I'm not sure whether you'd count it as an accessory, but the spiky ice piece on his back is removable. The only paint on Iceman is some white for his eyes. It would be cool if he had included some sort of ice slide accessory like the smaller figure from the Wolvreine line, or the Toy Biz one I had as a kid. Even without, it's still a cool figure. Pun not intended (that time).

Sunday, September 25, 2016

#52: Marvel Legends - Kitty Pryde

Following Wolverine is one of his surrogate daughter teenage sidekicks, Kitty Pryde AKA Shadowcat. Surprisingly, she isn't based on the female teenage body like the one used for Spider-Gwen, so she's not short. Her face looks fairly young, so maybe this is meant to be a younger Kitty Pryde. I'm glad they went with a more modern X-Men uniform, especially over that old blue Shadowcat costume she used to wear. Not surprisingly, she comes with a Lockheed accessory. He fits nicely on her shoulder with his wing sliding in the gap between her head and ponytail, as well as his tail wrapping around her shoulder to keep him stable.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

#51: Marvel Legends - Wolverine

Oddly enough, this is my first Wolverine in the six inch scale. There have been a few released in the past couple of years, but I've been biding my time for one in his classic brown and yellow costume. I think my favorite part of the figure is how short it is. You wouldn't know it by Hugh Jackman, but Wolverine is a really short guy, and this figure properly portrays that. Each individual claw is removable, and their position can be somewhat adjusted. There is also an included alternate set of fists that don't have claws. Since the claws are removable, this seems kind of pointless, but I suppose that the minor visual difference will matter to some people.

Friday, September 23, 2016

#50: Marvel Collector Corps Pop! - Squirrel Girl

Now that she's in her own title, Squirrel Girl is finally coming into her own as a character and getting more widespread attention. Naturally, this means toys! There's a plush and a Minimate on the way, but Funko struck first with a Pop! version of this unbeatable hero. Squirrel Girl is exclusive to the Marvel Collector Corps service, so I had to subscribe. There is some other stuff in the box, but that's irrelevant here because none of it is Squirrel Girl. Due to licensing restrictions, Marvel and Star Wars Pops are bobbleheads. Her tail is heavy enough to make her lean backwards, but fortunately it goes low enough so that she can rest on it. When flat on her feet, it is slightly above the ground, so that may or may not be intentional. In a rare move, there is an accessory tiny Pop included, the squirrel Tippy Toe, who is sporting her trademark bow.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

#49: World of Nintendo - Sheik

I'm still waiting for a figure of Zelda herself, but (spoiler alert for a 20 year old game!) since this is technically her, that is pretty cool too. Sheik has had more appearances in the Super Smash Bros series than the Legend of Zelda series that she's from. She's probably not the only character with that distinction, which I suppose is a bit odd. Sheik's accessory is a lyre. Normally for this line, the accessory is inside a box, and is meant to be a surprise. But in this case, the lyre is displayed in the packaging, and called out in the print as well. Maybe there was concern that people don't know what a lyre is.

Friday, September 16, 2016

#48: Doctor Who - Sound FX Special Weapons Dalek

The Special Weapons Dalek is from the Seventh Doctor story "Remembrance of the Daleks" which was basically a 25th anniversary special for the show. The story features a couple different Dalek factions, and the special weapons Dalek is a standout from the standard design. Gone are the traditional eyestalk, plunger arm, and blaster, replaced with one big cannon. As a consequence, the only articulation featured on this Dalek is the up and down motion of the cannon. It also makes noise, and can play either a laser blast, or a laser blast followed by an explosion. The special weapons Dalek wasn't particularly chatty, even by Dalek standards, so it doesn't say "EXTERMINATE" like you might expect.
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