Wednesday, December 12, 2012

#106: Star Wars The Vintage Collection - Ahsoka

A while back, I got an Ahsoka figure from the Clone Wars line. Since she was in the animated style, she had really thin arms, and no elbows, as well as missing out on ankles. Then for later seasons, they made her look a little older and gave her a new outfit, and of course made a new figure based on that. I liked that look better, but I never saw that figure anywhere, so I missed out. Fortunately, Hasbro decided to change their mind about making "realistic" versions of Clone Wars characters (for a long time, they said they wouldn't do so in the Q&As) and they made Ahsoka in her newer costume. What is with her costume, anyway? Shouldn't she be in Jedi robes? Female Jedi seem to be allowed more leeway with what they wear, if Aayla Secura is any indication.Of course, I never saw this in stores either, and had to buy one online. Funny how Amazon is such a good place to find newer Star Wars figures these days. Basically, translating Ahsoka to a realistic style means  more textures on her clothes, and smaller eyes. And her limbs aren't so thin, so she gets proper articulation. For accessories, she gets her two lightsabers in both ignited and unignited varieties. The hilts plug into her belt, which is always a bonus.

New and old.

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