Sunday, November 24, 2013

#79: Batman Unlimited - Batman (Arkham Origins)

Despite being a fan of Batman in general, and the Arkham series video games specifically, I never bought any of the Batman figures based on the previous games. I knew that DC Collectibles had a line for Arkham Origins, but the Mattel figures based on the game were a surprise, showing up around the same time as the game's release. It's a pretty solid representation of Batman as he appears in the game. The cape is billowing dramatically, perhaps from the wind, or perhaps he's coming out of a glide to swoop in on some unsuspecting goon. The cape is a fairly soft plastic, but it's massive enough to throw off Batman's balance and make him a bit back heavy. Articulation isn't the DCUC standard. Instead of bicep swivels and hinge elbows, Batman gets swivel/hinge elbows. He also gets double hinged knees, and the head can actually look up or down. Although the array of gadgets is one of the aspects of the game that really helps it feel like you are Batman, the figure has no accessories at all.

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  1. I always felt the other Arkham game designs for Batman were a bit too pin-headed, so I passed on all the figures. I like this design though, and look forward to finding Arkham Origins Batman in person.


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