Monday, October 12, 2015

#44: Marvel Legends Age of Ultron - War Machine

The last figure from Age of Ultron to get the Marvel Legends treatment and released to retail is War Machine, part of the Hulkbuster build a figure series. It's basically a repaint of the War Machine figure from Iron Man 3. There's a different left hand, but more importantly, there is an alternate head with the faceplate up, leaving Don Cheadle's face exposed. If nothing else, at least Age of Ultron gave us figures of Iron Man and War Machine with open faceplates. He's still got the same posable cannon that can be positioned on either shoulder. Even though it's basically a repaint of a figure I already have, I figured it was worth picking up for the alternate head, and it doesn't hurt that I didn't have War Machine in the standard grey/silver color scheme.

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