Thursday, April 28, 2016

#29: Star Wars The Black Series - Kanan Jarrus

Around the time Hasbro started making figures for Rebels, they started making all (except the Wal-Mart exclusive figures) the 3 3/4 inch figures with reduce articulation. Which is when I abandoned that scale for the six inch figures. The six inch line is going to be in the "realistic" style exclusively, but thankfully they are adapting animated characters into the style, and Kanan here is one of the first efforts. If there were a live version adaptation of Rebels, this is pretty much what you would expect Kanan to look like. He comes with a blaster and his lightsaber. Like in the show, the lightsaber separates into two pieces which can be stored on his belt, and there is a holster for the blaster. Kanan's wave is still new and is hard to find. I only got him by checking Amazon obsessively and having a bit of lucky timing. Ahsoka is his wave mate, and Sabine is coming later this year. Here's hoping for a six inch scale Chopper!

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