Sunday, May 29, 2016

#32: DC Comics Multiverse - Earth 23 Superman

So on Earth 23, Superman's secret identity is Calvin Ellis (see what they did there?), and he is the President of the USA. If you don't think that's great, I don't know what to tell you. This Superman gets a surprising amount of newly tooled parts (belt, boot tops, cuffs), and his cape is also new and attaches to the costume differently than any other Superman cape I've seen. There's a slight imperfection on the S shield, but I bought online (because my local Target never restocks) so I wasn't able to compare. Otherwise, this is basically the same superhero figure Mattel has been making for years, so no surprises there.


  1. Such a great character, I hope he gets some more releases in other lines (Imaginext would be nice) as I am all but done with the DCUC style stuff (although I hear a Carrie Kelly is coming and I would buy ten of her but in reality I will get zero because I will never see her at retail because YOU CAN TELL IT'S MATTEL!)


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