Saturday, March 25, 2017

#24: World of Nintendo Animal Crossing - Villager

I usually can't resist Animal Crossing toys, so I was keeping an eye out for the Villager figure from World of Nintendo. It actually comes in two sizes, the smaller unarticulated version, and this larger version with some articulation. Due to the design of the character, having articulation once translated to three dimensions isn't very helpful. Mostly it's only useful for making sure he stays balanced enough to stand. I'm kind of disappointed that this version of the Villager isn't the default skin from Super Smash Bros, because that had all those memes about the character being a psycho killer. Alas, the hands are just spherical and unable to hold anything, like an axe. This version is wearing the Nintendo shirt with the number 1889 on it, which is the year the company was founded. The Villager's only accessory is a piece of furniture, represented as a leaf in game. Which piece of furniture is it? That's up to you to decide.

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