Sunday, November 21, 2010

#122: Star Wars Vintage Collection Admiral Ackbar

During one of my frequent trips to Target I strolled by the toy aisle as always, and right on the end of a peg was Admiral Ackbar. I wasn't expecting the Return of the Jedi wave to show up yet, so it was a very pleasant surprise. I've been looking forward to the new version of Ackbar for a while, so I immediately grabbed it. This is a well made Admiral Ackbar figure, so it's pretty high on my mental list of the greatest thing ever. If you can find one, you should get one. Right now.


  1. nice blog, added ur link to my blog list,
    would u mind do the same?

    hope to hear more from ur blog and be ur toys-buddy, thanks, dude ;-)p

  2. IT'S TRAP!!

    Sorry couldn't resist.
    Great find!

  3. I wouldn't blame anyone for not resisting "It's a trap!" quotations!


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