Wednesday, November 24, 2010

#124: Star Wars Vintage Collection Wicket

So far, Wicket is the only Ewok figure I've ever owned. Of course, I'm including the original Wicket from a long time ago, so this is my second Wicket. This is probably the cutest Star Wars figure I own. It's hard to beat a man-eating teddy bear with a spear. The headdress is removable, as the figure includes an alternate headdress and satchel that I gather are based on the Ewoks cartoon. It's kind of weird, but I don't remember watching the Ewoks or Droids cartoons. I was definitely of the right age to have watched them, but I remember watching other cartoons like He-Man, GI Joe, and Transformers. Oh well. If I had memories of watching the cartoon, I would perhaps be more excited about the alternate accessories. Wicket was originally planned to be paired with another Ewok in the same card, and I would have preferred that. Either way, this is a really nice looking figure, and definitely worth picking up if you don't have any Ewoks or Wicket in your collection.


  1. Arghh! It's out already in the States? *green*...The ROTJ wave wld only hit Malaysian shores early Dec....*sigh*

    Wicket's pretty close to his on-screen counterpart.....his buck tooth especially hit the spot! =p

  2. There's something so off about those eyes. It's like he's looking at you, but at the same time thinking about how your skin would taste. Ewoks are creepy

  3. He's totally thinking about BBQ sauce. And ribs.


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