Thursday, March 10, 2011

#31: G.I. Joe The Pursuit of Cobra - Firefly

I missed out on getting the 25th Anniversary Collection Firefly, which was pretty cool, so I was glad to pick one up when I saw the Pursuit of Cobra version finally. As Cobra's saboteur/demolitions expert, he is one of the few competent members of the organization. Naturally he comes with a lot of accessories, and he can almost carry all of them which is a bonus. He's got two pistols, a machine gun of some sort, a backpack, two explosives (which peg onto the backpack), two arm guards (which can hang off the back of his vest as in the picture), a stand, and swappable heads. One of the heads is closest to the classic version, and the other one reminds me of the Green Goblin's helmet from the Spider-Man movie. Unfortunately, it is too large to fit in the backpack, since I like the regular head better for display. Also, the backpack makes him hard to stand up since he is so back heavy, so I'm leaving it off. Overall though, Firefly is pretty cool.

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  1. I think I put his spare head in Zartan's man bag...


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