Thursday, March 31, 2011

#35: Transformers - Wreck-Gar

Although I've seen his casemates at the store, I still haven't seen Wreck-Gar on the shelf. So thanks to James for finding one and picking it up for me. I'm mostly into Wreck-Gar because he was voiced by Eric Idle in the Transformers movie. The Animated version was also great, with the bonus of Weird Al's voice. So when they finally got around to releasing a new toy of the original, it was a must buy for me. Apparently, Wreck-Gar can be positioned to ride on another Wreck-Gar in bike mode, just like in the movie. I'm not really willing to shell out for two Wreck-Gars just to do that, but it is a cool bonus. The back of Wreck-Gar's head is clear plastic because of the light piping for the eyes, but the eyes themselves are painted red, so it's not the best use of the effect. Overall though, it's pretty fun, and one of the cooler additions to my collection.

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