Tuesday, January 31, 2012

#6: LEGO DC Super Heroes - Catwoman Catcycle City Chase (6858)

A few days after I picked up the Lex Luthor power suit set, this was the only DC LEGO set in stock aside from the Bionicle styled figures. So maybe my Target will only be carrying one set at a time from now on? As the least expensive set featuring Batman, I decided to go with this one. I would have preferred a Batman minifigure with a normal cape rather than a rocketpack/glider, but this'll do. Obviously, Batman, Catwoman, and her motorcycle are the main draws here, but there's a little scenery included with a street corner. There's a traffic signal light, which can easily be knocked down. The box depicts Batman hitting it with a batarang, dropping in on Catwoman. Harsh, man. There's also a mailbox and a newspaper rack, as well as a few crates that are apparently meant to be knocked over in the pursuit. The motorcycle is pretty neat, and has a couple clips to hold Catwoman's whip. If they make a Batgirl minifigure, it would definitely work for her as well.

Both minifigures have double sided heads. I wondered why Bruce is wearing a headband, but after slipping on the cowl, I realized it's to provide the whites of the mask's eyes. Neat. Selina can go for the white eyed goggle look or the regular eyed look with her mask.

This is a very cool little set. It's the cheapest way to get Batman, and currently the only way to get Catwoman. Totally worth picking up.


  1. A fun little set and am with you on the cape for lego Batman.

  2. I love lego minifigures! Too cute!


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