Wednesday, November 7, 2012

#100: Hot Wheels - Batman Live Batmobile

You know how there's this Spider-man musical that's been suffering setback after setback? Well, Batman also has a live show, but it's more of a traveling show than a Broadway musical. Like most adaptations of the Dark Knight, it features new designs, including a new Batmobile, which Mattel has made in Hot Wheels form. A few days ago, I saw that Reis was doing a give away of these, but I was too late to get one. Then I went to Target later that day and saw one right on the front of one of the pegs. Score! Until I saw the post Reis had made, I didn't know that this was even being made, and it's a good thing I had, because this might be easy to miss if you don't know it's a Batmobile. The Batman logo is halfway behind the car itself and is easily overlooked. Also, at first glance this Batmobile does look a little more like a formula 1 racer than a Batmobile. But there are some definite batty touches like scalloped edges on the spoiler and wheel wells, as well as a rocket booster on the back. It's an interesting take on the Batmobile, and I dig it. Now if only I can find the Hot Wheels version of The Bat from The Dark Knight Rises.

My Hot Wheels Batmobiles so far

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