Thursday, November 15, 2012

#101: Robocop - Robocop (spring loaded holster)

Robocop was one of the movies I wanted to see as a kid, but wasn't allowed to because of the ultraviolence. Naturally, I was able to see it while hanging out at a friend's house. Because it was the 80s, Robocop was adapted into a cartoon, which of course had an accompanying toy line. The only figure I recall having from that line was Robocop himself, which was pretty cool. It had an action feature of a sort of backpack that you could spool caps into to simulate gunshot sounds. Recently, both NECA and Figma have released Robocop figures. While the two Figmas that I have are great, Robocop isn't a character that I'm enough of a fan to want such an expensive figure. So the lower priced NECA figure was a good alternative. This isn't the original version of Robocop from NECA. There was a regular release, and a battle damaged version, as well as a glow in the dark Robocop, but I fortunately waited long enough for this version, which has a spring loaded holster in the leg, just like in the movie.
This is a pretty great action feature. There is a little button on the back of the thigh that pops the leg open, and the gun sits in there pretty securely. Then you just push the panel back into place, which pulls the second panel in at the same time, and it's good as new. Nice engineering, it doesn't even get in the way of the hip articulation. Robocop also comes with a swappable right hand featuring his data access spike extended. When it comes to NECA, you expect highly detailed sculpts, and they continue to deliver. I noticed while playing around with the figure that it has OCP-POLICE-001 sculpted into the side of the helmet, which is a detail I'd never noticed in the movie, but is apparently true to the costume. The only improvement I'd like to see is a removable helmet, or perhaps an alternate head without the helmet.


  1. Love the pop out leg holster!

  2. This turned out really nice! I was hesitant at first because I already had the original release, but the allure of a working leg holster was too much to resist!


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