Sunday, January 27, 2013

#3: Prometheus - Engineer (chair suit)

Before Prometheus came out, there was conflicting information on whether it would be a prequel to the classic Alien. It kind of is, but it's not the most direct prequel in terms of story. And there are a lot of unanswered questions raised, many of them that are more in the area of plot incoherencies than mysteries. Needless to say, Prometheus wasn't what everyone was hoping for, although I did enjoy it. But the good news is that NECA got the toy license, and we essentially get a figure of the space jockey from the original Alien. Neat! It's a NECA figure, so all the usual applies here. It's a great sculpt, and it's not a statue like they used to be. There's not a whole lot of paint here, but what there is helps bring out the details so that it's not a completely black figure. One of the most notable features here is the size.  NECA movie figures are in a scale of about 7 inches, and the engineers are really tall, so the toy follows suit. He's a whole head taller than Robocop, and about the same size as the xenomorph figure, as seen below.


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