Wednesday, January 23, 2013

#2: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Link

Not long after the Figma Samus, the next Nintendo character, Link, was announced for the Figma series. That was a no brainer for me to pre-order. I consider Super Mario, Metroid, and The Legend of Zelda to be the trinity of important Nintendo titles (Pokémon came much later, so I never really got into it), and although my name is Mario, the Zelda series has always been my favorite. There have been Link toys before, but not necessarily what I was looking for in a toy. I pre-ordered Link way back in June, and back then he was supposed to show up around November. Then that got pushed back. Then it was announced that Link wouldn't be making it to the US at all because some legal issue came up. Finding this a bit worrying, I contacted the website I had placed my order through, and fortunately they import directly from Japan, so they would still be receiving their stock.

Starting with his original appearance in the first Legend of Zelda game for the NES, Link has been left-handed. As I am left-handed, that surely played a part in my appreciation for the series as it was cool to have a left-handed hero to identify with. Then the Wii screwed everything up. When they ported Twilight Princess to the Wii, they switched things around and Link became right-handed. Presumably this was because of the motion based controls used for sword movement, and apparently right-handed people might find it confusing. So all the promo shots for Link showed him holding his sword in his right hand. I was kind of disappointed, but it was something I could live with. When he arrived I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the handles on his shield could be repositioned to be held with either hand, and there were suitable hands on each side to hold his accessories. It's attention to details like that which really make these figures stand out.

This is my third Figma (see also Dorothy and Samus), and they continue to impress. They're pricy Japanese imports, but they look great, are very well articulated, and tend to come with a nice selection of accessories. Naturally, Link comes with the Master Sword, a scabbard for it, and his shield. There are also eight extra hands. There is an open hand with fingers splayed, an open hand with fingers together,  a fist, a hand for holding the shield, and a hand for holding the Master Sword. There is one for each sided hand, for extra posing variety. The end of the Master Sword's pommel is a removable piece to that the handle can slide into Link's hand.

I mentioned earlier that the handles on the shield can be repositioned so that Link can hold it in either hand. This also has the function of allowing the shield to attach to the scabbard and hang off of Link's back like it does in the games when Link is running around without a sword drawn. Did I mention that the hat is articulated? It is. There is a swivel joint so it can be repositioned to not get in the way.

Link also includes an extra hair piece and an extra face. One of the hair pieces has the sideburn flaps hanging down, and the other has them at more of an angle, for when Link is in an action pose. One face is a neutral expression and the other is a more angry look, mid-yell. I definitely prefer the angry face, I think the neutral one has less character to it.

No face!

In addition to all the previously mentioned accessories, there is a sword slashing piece that slides onto the Master Sword's blade. It looks cool for action poses. And of course, a stand is included.

I know that this figure is based on the Skyward Sword game, but I can't help but wish that an ocarina was included as well. While I'm wishing for more accessories, a boomerang, a bomb, a bow and arrow, or a hookshot would have been cool as well. Not that I'm complaining. Link doesn't need anything else, he's a pretty damn great figure as is. Now that we've got Figma Samus and Figma Link, I wonder if there will be a Figma Super Mario in the future.


  1. It's like Smash Brothers in that last picture.

  2. This action figure is like a dream turned reality. Gamers could just drop their jaws looking at how perfect this figure is.


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