Monday, April 28, 2014

#29: Marvel Legends Infinite Series Captain America The Winter Soldier - Winter Soldier

While I was able to order Captain America from Target's online sale, I hesitated on the Winter Soldier and it sold out before I decided I should get the figure too. That turned out to be fortuitous later on, fortunately, when I ordered the figure from Amazon. Bucky is looking pretty good here, and has all the good articulation one expects. I think the jacket in the movie was more of a dark blue or a black, but the figure is in brown. There are a couple separate pieces added on, the shoulder straps harness, and the belt/holster. The belt has a couple knives sculpted in, but they aren't removable, which is too bad. Knives would have been good accessories.

Aside from the masked head, an unmasked head is included, featuring the most smeared eyeliner I have ever seen on an action figure. The Winter Soldier's only included weapon is a ridiculous sci-fi rifle that makes no appearance in the movie. It's too bad he doesn't include any of the guns he used in the movie, but it's better than no gun at all. Like the Captain America figure, he also includes a Mandroid leg.

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