Tuesday, April 29, 2014

#31: Marvel Legends Infinite Series Captain America The Winter Soldier - Mandroid

I figured since I was getting half of the pieces already, that I might as well complete the Mandroid. It's a big mech suit with large guns and blades as weapons, so I dig the design. Somewhat surprisingly, the head was the most expensive piece, it ended up costing more than both of the arms combined. All in all, it was only about the price of one figure, which is about what I wanted to pay. So I call it a good deal. The legs are a straight reuse of the Iron Monger build a figure from Iron Man 3, and the arms are retooled, but the head and upper torso are new. This torso seems a bit longer, so the arms come off as looking a little too short. They're also really thick and on swivel/hinge joints, so they don't bend very far at the elbow. Otherwise, the articulation is pretty good aside from the head, which sits very tightly on the ball, and is somewhat recessed in the armor so it's hard to manipulate. But, it's a big cool mech suit, so I dig it.

A bit of fun before attaching the head. Black Widow's head is the only one that would kind of stay in place, thanks to the long hair supporting it in position. Maybe Tony will build some Mandroids for Avengers 2?

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