Saturday, May 24, 2014

#45: Game of Thrones Legacy Collection - Jon Snow

Funko's Game of Thrones figures showed up a few months ago before anybody was expecting them, and I've been meaning to pick some up since then. I recently noticed that Amazon has them for lower than retail, so I figured it was as good a time as any to try them out. First up we have Ned Stark's know nothing bastard, Jon Snow. The figure seems to be based on Jon's appearance somewhere after the first half of the season, as he is in his Night's Watch blacks and has the bastard sword (appropriate!) given to him by the Old Bear himself after Jon saved his life. The likeness to Kit Harington isn't the best, but given that Funko is mostly known for highly stylized toys, this isn't bad for a first foray into a more realistic look. While Jon's costume is all black, there are some areas that feature a light dusting meant to represent snow or frost, such as on his boots, the lower edges of his tunic, on his cloak, and even in his hair. Jon is very well articulated, although the wrists are a bit loose. The cloak is soft enough that it doesn't hinder the arms too much, fortunately. Overall, it's a pretty well done figure, and it's cool to have Game of Thrones action figures, as I thought the Pop Vinyl toys would be the closest thing.

One for each of the Stark children.

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