Saturday, May 31, 2014

#51: Transformers 4 Age of Extinction - Scorn

Because I'm a sucker, I'll see Transformers 4. If nothing else, it will bring Dinobots to the big screen. Dinobots are of course the coolest because they combine the already great meeting of big robots that turn into other things and dinosaurs. I picked up Scorn first because he's a spinosarus, which if it isn't the first Dinobot to turn into one, it's at least the first one I've had. There is apparently some controversy over whether the Dinobots in the movie have robot modes, but the toy definitely does. The head is very different from the typical movie designs, so that could be evidence in favor of no movie robot modes. But otherwise, it has the usual busy spiky design of movie bots. I like the way the dino's spine forms small wings on his back, it's a cool look. He gets a sword, and his left arm is a spear made from the tail. With the other arm being the head, it's reminiscent of Beast Wars Megatron.

Dino mode is really cool looking. The sword tucks into the tail, so it doesn't get stuck laying around in this mode. The head has a lot of good motion, and the arms can move at the shoulders. It's my only movie toy so far, but I'm digging it. I'll probably end up getting all the Dinobots, especially since having learned my lesson on passing on the Animated Dinobots a few years back.


  1. The robot head sells this one for me, In the past the movie style figures have been a pass for me because I dont like the new faces and would prefer a more classic style.

  2. I am (surprisingly) really impressed with the movie Dinobots. The bright colors, and crazy bone like texturing does it for me. I have not found Scorn yet, but did get a Slug and a couple Grimocks already.


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