Friday, June 6, 2014

#52: Transformers 4 Age of Extinction - Slug

After I got Scorn, I pretty much decided that I'll be getting all the Dinobots. So here's the other wave 1 deluxe, Slug. He turns into a triceratops, which is interesting given the recent suggestions that triceratops may not be a distinct species, but rather younger fossils of torosaurus. So Slug may be a juvenile. Anyway, Slug is mostly purple with some red and grey/silver highlights. In dinosaur mode, there's no place to store the two swords, aside from having them stick straight out from the sides. That's kind of disappointing. The mouth opens, and the legs are somewhat posable, more so for the front legs.

In robot mode, the triceratops head doesn't really have anywhere to go, as it's split in half and makes up truly outrageous shoulder pads. They kind of get in the way of arm movement. Interestingly, the dinosaur's chest becomes the robot's forearms, so they're Popeye large. The dinosaur's front legs are kind of just hanging off the sides of the torso. It's mostly pretty cool looking, though. Of the two Dinobots I've played with so far, Scorn is the better one, but Slug is decent enough.


  1. I am like you to know if I start to buy 1 Dino, I will buy the whole set. So I still sitting on the bench. Waiting. LOL

  2. They've decided to name the entire species Triceratops, so Torosaurus is the adult version of the species.


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