Friday, June 20, 2014

#55: DC Comics Multiverse ('89 Batman) - Batman

It's been a while since Mattel announced that they had rights to the older Batman and Superman movies, so we've been waiting a while for them to do anything with them. Finally, they're putting out figures, but they are unfortunately in the smaller scale rather than the six inch scale I think most people were hoping for. But it's Michael Keaton as the Tim Burton version of Batman. Despite Mattel's buffoonery, that's something I want a toy of. Overall, it's a nice looking take on Batman. In the first film, his chest armor had a more organic, muscular look, while in the second film it had a purely armored look, and this toy seems to be somewhere in the middle. I'm not sure what's up with that. I dig that the cape hangs in front of the shoulders, although it does hinder the arm articulation somewhat. This would have been mitigated if the arms had shoulder swivels, but they don't.

Batman's sole accessory is his grapnel gun, which is made of a soft plastic and was warped by the packaging. I don't think that thing will shoot straight. Despite my complaints, it's still a cool picture, although I really wish Mattel would release a six inch scale Michael Keaton Batman.

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