Sunday, June 29, 2014

#62: Kre-O Transformers - Grimlock Unleashed

Basically the best thing about the new Transformers movie is that it means new Dinobots. The new versions are mostly cool, but nothing beats the classics. There's no way I'm shelling out for the SDCC G1 style Dinobots repaint set, so I'm glad that Hasbro put out this G1 style Grimlock as a Kre-O building set. This is my first building set proper from Kre-O, and it's pretty decent for being not-LEGO. There are a lot of specially shaped pieces, which I'm okay with, especially since Kre-O doesn't have the long history of LEGO. I'm kind of surprised at just how few exposed studs there are on the final build, but it does look good when built. Unfortunately, the set was missing one piece: one of the toe claws. I've e-mailed customer support, and hopefully can get a spare piece. If not, at least it wasn't a piece key to holding the toy together. I'd say that this is the best Grimlock to be released as part of the Age of Extinction product push.

There are five included Kreons in this set. There's a Grimlock in bot mode, and his helmet can be swapped for a crown. Since he can only wear it with the helmet piece removed, it really makes his head look too small. Also included are some movie bots: Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Galvatron, and Lockdown. None of the Kreons transform.

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