Sunday, June 22, 2014

#57: Transformers 4 Age of Extinction - Dinobot Slash

Depending on where you live, wave 2 of Age of Extinction toys may or may not be showing up already. My roommate picked one up for me while out of town since they haven't been spotted here in town yet. I've already decided to collect all the movie Dinobots, but even if I hadn't, I probably would have picked up Slash anyway because he's a velociraptor. Aside from Dinobot from Beast Wars himself, I don't think there have been any members of the Dinobots group that had a raptor for an altmode before. Robot mode is a bit dodgy. He's got massive arms with relatively puny legs, and the wrists don't rotate. He's armed with a pair of small axes.

Velociraptor mode is pretty cool. I really like his color scheme of bright blue and neon yellow/green with touches of black. It's just so bright, and really reminds me of the 90s. But in a good way. Another thing I like about the design is that they have incorporated feathers (or spiky mechanical equivalents) into the design. Hooray for keeping up with current scientific thinking about dinosaurs! The axes plug into the undersides of the arms with the blades functioning as feathers. Despite having a similar alt mode body shape to Grimlock and Scorn, he has a different transformation scheme from both of them. Scorn is still my favorite of the movie Dinobot toys, but Slash is a close second.

Clever girl.

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  1. Im not normally a fan of the movie toys but this guy is pretty awesome! Im really liking the color scheme.


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