Monday, June 16, 2014

#53: Transformers 4 Age of Extinction - Grimlock (voyager)

You can't have Dinobots without Grimlock. He's the leader, and he turns into a T Rex, which is perennially one of the most popular dinosaurs. The movie take on him is a lot more bronze than I'm used to, and robot mode is definitely carrying out that armored knight look that the Dinobots have for this iteration. It doesn't really feel like Grimlock to me, but it's an interesting enough design on its own. Grimlock's armed with a big staff/warhammer/mace thing, which has a handle for him to hold it with, as its shaft isn't smooth enough to fit into his hands. Arm articulation is kind of lacking, so it's a little limited in how he can hold his weapon.

Getting him back and forth between dino and robot is somewhat similar to the classic Grimlock transformation scheme in that the robot arms become the dino legs and the robot legs become the dino tail. From some angles it looks good enough in dino mode, but some angles aren't flattering at all. His weapon attaches to the tip of his tail, which makes him ridiculously long in this mode. There's a button on the side of his neck which makes his jaw close. But it won't stay closed if the button isn't being held down, so hopefully you don't mind him roaring. Also, for some reason he has horns. They can fold back while in dino mode, but leaving them up kind of reminds me of dog ears.

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