Saturday, June 28, 2014

#60: Bandai Tamashii Gundam Wing - Wing Gundam Zero

After I got Deathscythe Hell, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that I'd get Wing Zero. Piloted by Gundam Wing's main protagonist, Heero Yuy, Wing Zero is one of the coolest Gundams in the series. Giant mechs with wings, which can fly, are definitely cooler than those without wings. It's a great looking figure, well painted in appropriate colors. Articulation is plentiful, in every spot you would expect it, as well as a few places you wouldn't. As usual, it's well decked out in the accessories department, with both beam sabers (with detachable blades) and a detachable shield.

The other main accessories are the twin buster rifles, which can be combined to form a super powerful blast. Among the multiple extra hands is a set that's one piece, with both hands intertwined for the purpose of both holding the buster rifle at once.

Of course, the coolest thing about Wing Zero is that it can transform from robot mode to a faster jet mode. This isn't a Transformers toy, so it't transformation is a bit different. Instead of merely shifting pieces around to go from one mode to the other, there are some pieces (like the midsection and lower legs) that must be removed and replaced with alternate pieces. It's not particularly complicated, and everything snaps together and pulls apart well enough.

This is a pretty cool line of figures, but I'm not a big enough fan to sink in the money to complete the team, so Wing Zero and Deathscythe Hell will be enough for my collection.

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