Tuesday, June 17, 2014

#54: Hot Wheels - Fig Rig (HW Race 143/250)

Last year, Mattel released a Hot Wheels car that is compatible with LEGO pieces, specifically the minifigures. It hasn't been hard to find, but I never got around to buying one until recently. Apparently it was a successful enough concept that there is a second LEGO compatible car that has just been released. When I first set out to look for the second version, I found the third release of the original and bought it. The Fig Rig is actually quite cool. There are several spots where figures or LEGO pieces can attach. The hood and the inside of the bed both have dual pegs that are perfect for feet. Along the roof and the rear of the truck are rails where minifigure hands can hold on. There is even a single plug along the bottom of the car that a stud can plug into. I'm not sure what inspired this cross-brand compatibility, but it's a fun idea. Obviously this isn't an officially licensed thing, so without internet word of mouth I wouldn't even know about it.

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