Thursday, June 26, 2014

#58: Hot Wheels - Let's Go (HW Race 165/250)

It seems that the Fig Rig was a success by whatever measures that Mattel uses, because it has a spiritual sequel in the Let's Go. LE(t's) GO. I see what you did there, Mattel. So this is another Hot Wheels car meant to be compatible with LEGO sized minifigures. This time around, it's a go kart, with a seat for the minifigure. There are a couple spots on the engine that can be grabbed by minifigure hands, and an exhaust port on the side has a socket that a stud will fit into. The top also has a stud, and the bottom of the car has three sockets that studs can fit into. Unfortunately, the seating isn't the best, as the studs don't fit firmly into the leg sockets. They might as well not even be there. It's also to get the minifigure to hold the "steering wheel" with both hands. Still, it's a pretty neat idea overall, being more in scale to a minifigure than the Fig Rig was. I'm curious to see what future releases will be made with LEGO compatibility.

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