Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#66: Marvel Legends Infinite Series Guardians of the Galaxy - Gamora

Second in the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends figures is Gamora. When I first saw pictures of the figure, I thought the head looked a little big. Now, I think it's just that the figure's body is too thin. Her arms are so thin, she doesn't get double hinged elbows but rather the swivel-hinge joint. Gamora's pretty light on accessories, she has a sword and a build-a-figure piece. Having not seen the movie yet, maybe that's the only accessory that would makes sense. Unusually, Gamora (as the sole female of the wave) doesn't come with the largest piece of the build-a-figure. For once, the woman in the line isn't the smallest figure, thanks to Rocket.

1 comment:

  1. So much potential wasted here. If not for the Groot BAF part I would have passed her up.


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