Saturday, September 26, 2015

#41: S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon - Sailor Venus

Originally, I planned to get all the Sailor Scouts in the order they joined the team, but when it came time to get Sailor Mars, she was hard to find for a reasonable price, while Venus was relatively cheap. So we're skipping around a bit. The main thing that differentiates the characters visually, aside from color, is their hair and their shoes. So that means Venus gets her usual shoes (with ankle straps?), and her large mane of blonde hair. Similar to Usagi, her hair is articulated, with either end able to rotate out to make the hair more or less flared. Minako was actually out heroing before the rest of the Sailor Scouts, as Sailor V. Bandai are making un upcoming Sailor V figure, but for this release, she does include the Sailor V mask, both as a wearable option, or one that is held in her hand. She also includes the stand and various face and hand options typical of the line. Minako's main accessory is Artemis the cat. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a Venus Love Me Chain accessory, which would make for some cool attack posing.

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