Sunday, September 27, 2015

#42: Batman The Classic Series - Batgirl

When Mattel released the '66 Batman figures, the most conspicuous absence in the lineup was Batgirl. The line didn't really last long, but there were rumors that she would later be released in a 3 pack with Batman and Robin. I thought that was a really obnoxious way to release her, as anyone who would want a Batgirl figure would probably already have Batman and Robin (like me). Mattel. Ultimately, Batgirl was released solo as a Toys R Us SDCC '15 exclusive. Fortunately, she was easy enough to order online. Batgirl comes in a fancier box than the regular line, which was on standard cards. Although it's a con exclusive, it's nothing extravagant. There are no accessories, aside from the stand and backing card, which has a city scape on one side and Batgirl herself on the other. One of the highlights of the figure is the cape, which is double sided. Unfortunately, due to the way it's packaged, it is currently stuck flared out, although I hope with time it will hang at a more natural angle.

Sadly, Batgirl herself, Yvonne Craig, passed on soon after the release of this figure. I don't know if she got to see one herself, but I'd like to think she thought it was cool if she did.

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