Saturday, July 23, 2016

#35: Ghostbusters - Jillian Holtzmann

Since I'm so far behind on my blog updating, I actually bought this figure at least a month before the new Ghostbusters movie came out. Based on the trailers, I figured Holtzmann would be the character I liked best (I was right) so I just bought her figure. It looks pretty decent, and the articulation is pretty typical for Mattel figures, so no real surprises here. That weird mismatch on the legs at the thigh swivels is something I never noticed until looking at this picture. Upon closer examination, it is only very slightly noticeable to the naked eye under normal lighting conditions. The neutrino wand is connected to the proton pack by a cable, and can hang off its side. It looks like the entire pack is removable, but I'm not planning to try and take it off. This is a toy blog, not a movie review blog, but I will say that I really liked the new Ghostbusters. The whole cast was hilarious, but Kate McKinnon really steals the show as Holtzmann.

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