Thursday, June 29, 2017

#39: Marvel Legends Spider-Man Homecoming - Vulture

Even though Spider-Man is on his second cinematic reboot, more Spider-Man movies means more chances to see different villains for him to fight (hopefully they don't bring back Green Goblin again too soon). Spider-Man has arguably the best collection of foes in comics, so I'm looking forward to seeing the classic villain the Vulture on the big screen. Casting Michael Keaton was a great touch, and he gets to join the select club of actors to have been in both DC and Marvel movies in major roles. The most striking thing about this figure is that Vulture is missing his defining characteristic: his wings. They are pretty massive, and serve as the build-a-figure for this series of figures. But the central part of the wings is included with Vulture. There's also a clear plastic stand to help bear the weight of the wings once fully assembled. While the live action costume is perhaps a little too "realistic" for my tastes, I like that Vulture retains the neck ruff by wearing a bomber jacket.

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