Saturday, July 1, 2017

#40: World of Nintendo - Skull Kid

Fortunately, the World of Nintendo line has stopped with the mystery accessory gimmick, because otherwise I wouldn't have bought this figure. A Skull Kid isn't that interesting on its own, but when it's the one from Majora's Mask and includes the titular mask as an accessory, then I'm interested. The Skull Kid has two big slots on his face where the mask plugs in, so he looks kind of terrible without it on. There aren't any other accessories, but I figure that's all that's needed here. Maybe some different masks would have been cool, but it was Link who wore the rest of them in the game. Now I want them to make a Goron Link figure.


  1. Interesting figure... a great 4th to you and yours, good Sir... and Hello from Marshville....


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