Saturday, July 29, 2017

#45: DC Comics Multiverse - "The Dark Knight Returns" Joker

Mattel's been putting out Dark Knight Returns figures sporadically for a while now, and they've finally arrived at the most obvious omission so far, the Joker. Since the Masters of the Universe Classics line didn't feature any characters wearing a modern (well 80s style) suit, this is all new parts as far as I can tell. It's a pretty good adaptation into three dimensions of the artwork from the original comics, without being super stylized. For accessories, there is a knife and a gun, as well as one of the best alternate heads ever. The standard head has a kind of disdainful expression, but the alternate one has the Joker laughing wildly, with a batarang embedded in his eye. The batarang is actually a separate piece, packaged separately from the head.

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  1. We have the first version of this figure... the new "extra Head" is really Cool !!


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