Saturday, August 5, 2017

#46: DC Comics Multiverse (Wonder Woman) - Diana of Themyscira

I was pretty psyched for the Wonder Woman movie to come out, and the toys hit shelves before the movie, so I decided to pick up this version of Diana in her Themiscyrian outfit (yeah, I'm like a couple months behind with my blog here). It's a much better likeness than the BvS figure, so it's already an improvement. For accessories there is her godkiller sword and the Lasso of Truth, which is a separate piece this time. The build a figure for this series is Ares, which I'm not going to be completing. Interestingly, the Ares is based on concept art rather than his final onscreen appearance, so there's no David Thewlis likeness to be had. I've got my Rey figure on my desk, and the whole "brunette with tied back hair wearing a tan outfit" similarity keeps catching my eye while I type this. Maybe Rey is secretly an Amazon!

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