Monday, August 7, 2017

#47: Marvel Legends (Doctor Strange) - Dormammu

I figured since I already had over half of the Dormammu build a figure, I ought to complete it. What's not to like about a big evil magic dude with a flaming head, who also has two flaming skulls as accessories? That's Ghost Rider level metalness. His armor does kind of get in the way of his movement, but as a possibly non-corporeal magical being, he's probably more about the magic attacks than punching anyone out. Dormammu was previously released fully assembled as part of a SDCC exclusive box set, with a slightly different color scheme. So if you already had that one, this version would be redundant. I haven't even bothered with trying to get any SDCC exclusives for a couple years now, so this was a good way to get him.

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