Tuesday, August 22, 2017

#53: DC Comics Multiverse - Damian Wayne Robin

Mattel made a Damian Wayne Robin before, but it was a Mattycollector exclusive so I never got it. More recently it was re-tooled for a Toys R Us exclusive. Damian is a really fun character, and adds a certain murderous something to the Robin role. The major issue with the figure is that it's a teen body, so it's too big for Damian, who is still a kid. Otherwise, it's the Mattel DC figure we're all used to from the DCUC days. This version of Robin has the hood on his cape up, while I think the previous version didn't. For accessories there is a sword, as well as a Court of Owls mask. It slides over his face and the hood holds it in place pretty well. The kneepads are separate pieces held on by friction. While this isn't my ideal Damian Wayne figure, it's still pretty cool.

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