Wednesday, August 9, 2017

#48: DC Comics Multiverse (Legends of Tomorrow) - Hawkman

I mainly got Hawkman for the King Shark piece he comes with. For whatever reason, there weren't many of them on Ebay, so I got impatient and decided to just get the figure. This is the TV version of Hawkman, from Legends of Tomorrow. The first season was kind of dodgy, but the second season was a huge improvement and a lot of fun. Part of that improvement was that Hawkman wasn't around anymore. I'm actually surprised they made Hawkman before Hawkgirl, since she was a more important character. Maybe with Batgirl in this series already, they didn't want another female figure. Aside from the wings, Hawkman is an entirely new figure (okay, maybe the mace is re-used). These are the same wings from the earlier DCUC versions of Hawkman and Hawkgirl, so they continue to be cool. Due to TV budget issues, the Hawks spent most of the time with their wings hidden (in another dimension? shrunk to microscopic size?), so the wings are removable.

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