Sunday, August 13, 2017

#50: Pop! Games (Overwatch) - D.Va with MEKA

Not surprisingly, Funko was one of the first companies to get Overwatch toys to market, as part of the soon to be all encompassing Pop! line. I had to wait for the second series to get my favorite character, D.Va, and she turned out pretty cool. While Funko could have just released her as a standard sized Pop! figure, they opted to include MEKA, so she's one of the mini Pops and MEKA is one of the oversized figures. The canopy on MEKA flips open, so D.Va can sit inside to pilot it. Apparently the Overwatch Pops have been plagued with quality control issues, and mine was no exception. Upon opening the package, MEKA's left arm fell off. Rather than dealing with the hassle of getting a replacement, I just super glued it back into place, and that seems to have worked. You can see in the picture that the two arms aren't exactly even with each other, but that doesn't bother me.

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