Sunday, August 27, 2017

#54: DC Comics Multiverse (Wonder Woman) - Wonder Woman

Perhaps because they had so recently released a Wonder Woman figure for Batman v Superman, there wasn't actually a regular in-costume Wonder Woman figure in the movie series of the DC Comics Multiverse line. Sort of. They did release one, but it was a Toys R Us exclusive. The likeness on the BvS version was so terrible that I was glad to get a chance to get an upgrade. Of course, I could have waited for the Justice League version. But this one has a shield and that one doesn't, so I guess that's a bonus. From the neck down, this is mostly the same figure as the BvS version, but most importantly a the head is completely new and actually looks like Gal Gadot rather than her stuntwoman or whatever. This time around, her golden lasso is removable, although it's permanently coiled, so there aren't too many exciting posing options for it. While the main movie series includes all the pieces to put together an Ares figure, this figure includes a shield for him to use. It's larger and spikier than Diana's shield.

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