Saturday, July 8, 2017

#41: DC Comics Multiverse The Flash - Earth-2 The Flash

One of the great things about the Flash TV series is that it's so willing to use a lot of the crazy comic book stuff. So in the second season, they started using the Multiverse, which was a way to bring in the Jay Garrick version of the Flash. So, um... SPOILERS from here on out.

This, of course, is not Jay Garrick, but rather Hunter Zolomon impersonating him to gain Barry's trust. He's basically a live action version of the comics version of Jay Garrick. He gets more accessories than the Flash himself, with a couple detachable Speed Force lightning bolts, swappable running hands, and a removable helmet. He looks kind of terrible without the helmet, and as a result of it being removable, it looks too big. So I think a non-removable version would have looked better. Otherwise, this is a pretty typical Mattel figure in terms of articulation and looks.

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