Friday, October 27, 2017

#78: Marvel Legends (Thor Ragnarok) - Loki

Back when the Avengers figures came out, the only six inch figures were exclusives, but at least we got a Loki. Both previous Thor movies only got smaller 3 and 3/4 inch figures, but Loki's back in the six inch scale for Ragnarok. While I still like his Avengers outfit the best, the one is cool too. Bonus points for it including the half helmet with trademark horns. The helmet and cape are removable, and those are the only accessories. There are pegs for the cape to plug into on his shoulders, but the one on the left side has been exceedingly uncooperative. But it stays on well enough. The lower part of the tunic is a separate piece, so it has a tendency to slide up on the torso.

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