Monday, December 26, 2011

#141: Transformers Generations - Sergeant Kup

Recently Target had Generations figures on sale for $6.99, which is almost half off the normal price. That's the kind of deal I can't resist, so I decided to pick up Kup. Overall, he's pretty cool, although the arms are a bit wonky. The articulation on them is kind of hard to deal with, there are just too many joints in the elbow area. Also, the huge panels hanging off the lower arms kind of get in the way. Otherwise, he's cool. I like how they incorporated the gun into the altmode, where it plugs into the bottom of the truck and the end of its barrel functions as an exhaust pipe. Neat!


  1. This guy looks great!I always thought KUP had the coolest color scheme.

  2. I just saw a Generations Junkyard today i think his name they used for him but he was basically Wreak-Gar with a different name.

  3. Yeah, I saw Junkheap (and his casemate Sky Shadow) at Target today, but the sale is over. It would be cool to have another Junkion to ride Wreck-Gar (or vice versa) but not at full price.


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