Saturday, December 31, 2011

#146: LEGO Harry Potter - The Lab

This set was in the stocking stuffer area at Target, but it was four bucks and I wasn't willing to pay that for basically just a Harry Potter minifigure. Then after Christmas, that whole section got marked down to half off, and two bucks sounded like a good deal. The set isn't named on the package, but there's a number, so I looked it up on Brickipedia, and this is the name they went with, so it's good enough for me. Basically I just got this set for the Harry minifigure. He's got a head with two expressions: one side is worried looking, and the other (pictured) has a kind of smirk. The wand seems a bit long, almost long enough to be a broomstick. The other part of the set is some sort of potions rack. There's a hollow space in the middle where a letter to Harry and a fang (I'm guessing it's a basilisk fang) are held. It seems kind of weird. Also, there's a spider!


  1. I should of gotten this set but now they are long gone from my Target. Can't beat $2 for it. : )

  2. That remind me to get one Harry potter before it all disappear after the completed movies.

    btw mario what the QR code there for? It hard to scan and see.

  3. jboy: They're gone from my Target too! I'm glad I didn't wait too long.

    LEon: The QR code is a link to the blog. Are you scanning it from the full sized image?

  4. Mario for full size then it is able to be scanned. Cool concept. :)


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