Tuesday, December 27, 2011

#142: Mega Bloks Hello Kitty - Hello Kitty with lollipop

I wouldn't say I'm a Hello Kitty fan, exactly. But it's something that's iconically cute, with an insane amount of branding. Have you seen the Hello Kitty microwave at Target? Yes, it's something that exists, and it is hardly the strangest officially licensed Hello Kitty product out there. So you combine that with the appeal of the LEGO blindpacked minifigure craze? Well, I caved. There's something compelling about having a LEGO compatible Hello Kitty minifigure. This is the first one I pulled from the display, I felt the packaging to see which accessory was included, and figured this would be a good one to have. I like that the lollipop is so ridiculously oversized, although I suppose it could also be interpreted as a table tennis paddle. Unlike the display plates for the LEGO minifigures, Hello Kitty has a brick to stand on. Only her neck and shoulders are articulated, but that's all that could really be expected of a character with such odd anatomy.


  1. Haha I just posted my review of on a Mega Bloks set and then I see your post on Mega Bloks. I saw these at Toysrus as well, but I am not a big enough fan of Hello Kitty to get them haha. Now if they did a Power Rangers one...haha

  2. I saw these at both Target and Toys R' Us but i decided to pass.

  3. I saw this on Facebook and was like wait, Mario does Hello Kitty? This, about a month after I did my Kitty reviews. I should have used the Y from Hello Kitty for you logo instead of Polly Pocket!

  4. Jcee: Yeah, I saw your post right after I did mine. Nice timing!

    Novelty: heh A Hello Kitty Y would have been a good choice!


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