Friday, May 25, 2012

#34: LEGO Minifigures Series 7 - Aztec Warrior

When the latest series of LEGO minfigures started showing up in stores, I figured that meant they would be showing up here in a few weeks, as seems to be the pattern. After keeping a closer eye on the parts of the toy section at Target I don't usually pay attention to, a display of series 7 finally showed up. For the first time, they were actually in the LEGO aisle! As is the routine, I started feeling the packages, looking for the minifigures I wanted. It went a bit faster this time, mostly because I didn't intend to get as many of them. Which is fortunate, because I'm apparently getting less patient with standing around feeling blindpacked packaging. I would be perfectly happy if they spaced out the waves more.

Anyway! The Aztec Warrior was pretty easy to find, thanks to the giant headpiece. I actually found the spear first, but that headpiece is impossible to miss. The Aztec Warrior fits into the categories of cool historical warriors, and national stereotypes that represent part of my ancestry, so it was a must get. Also, it's a cool looking minifigure anyway.

Here's the bump code if you prefer that method. Happy hunting!


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