Thursday, May 31, 2012

#40: Transformers Prime - Bulkhead

The other new figure in the second wave of Transformers Prime voyagers is Bulkhead, who I unfortunately never got a toy of from the Animated line. I was glad to see he was back for Prime, and looking forward to picking up his toy slightly more than Starscream's (hey, I already have a few Starscreams already). This is actually the second version of Bulkhead to be released based on Prime, but I never saw any of the First Edition toys. I still don't understand why they decided to release a line of new figures, but barely anywhere, then a few months later, release completely new versions of the same characters. This version of Bulkhead seems to be less show accurate, so who knows. Either way, Bulkhead is pretty cool in robot mode, and I'm glad to finally have him. Like Starscream, there's a big light up extending accessory that doesn't fit in anywhere in either mode, so I've left it out of the pictures. His other accessory is a battering ram thing that can fit on either his arms or on his back as a robot, or on top of his roof in his altmode.

Bulkhead folds up into a surprisingly small altmode. It looks pretty good but is unfortunately a little too busy underneath, so much that the wheels don't all touch the ground at the same time. Possibly I just didn't fold up his limbs entirely the right way, so your mileage may vary with that problem.

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  1. I saw him the other day, will get one soon to do some things :)


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