Monday, April 8, 2013

#18: LEGO Minifigure series 9 - Mr. Good and Evil

My Target is really weird about placing the LEGO minifigures. The first batch of series 9 that I found was in the LEGO aisle. Because it was a display of packages on pegs, there was no box and I forgot about this minifigure. By the time I went back to Target to look for one, they were all gone. More recently I went back, and there was a display of series 9 in a box, but this time it was at the end of aisles with toys marketed towards girls. Meanwhile, the original display area was empty. I'm not sure why they can't just keep this consistent. Oh well.

Although Mr. Good and Evil is clearly a reference to Jekyll and Hyde, he is given a more generic name which is presumably meant to be more identifiable to kids. That's my guess anyway, as I think the original story has passed into public domain by now. Rather than giving alternate heads to represent the gentleman's two states,  he appears with the left side of his body transformed. The halfway transformation extends to his clothing as well, which is torn and disheveled on the left side. Part of the appeal for this minifigure is that it's another entry in the monsters offerings from the line, but more importantly, this is basically Victorian era Two-Face. Another member of the rogues gallery for LEGO Batman to fight.

Here's the bump code for Mr. Good and Evil.

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  1. We got this one too!
    Works perfectly with our Lego Monsters!!!


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