Tuesday, April 16, 2013

#19: Batman Unlimited - Planet-X Batman

Although I pre-ordered Planet-X Batman with the Dark Knight Returns Batman, and they were presumably part of the same case, Planet-X Batman didn't ship until this month. But it's finally here, so yay. This figure is based on what was originally one of those crazy Silver Age stories where Batman meets his counterpart from another planet, who has a crazy fashion sense or is perhaps colorblind. This figure wouldn't exist if it had stayed at that, but because Grant Morrison the costume more recently showed up in comics as a sort of mental backup in Batman's brain in case of tampering. So, crazy hobo Batman!

For such a crazy looking design, this is actually rather a well done figure. There are actually some newly sculpted pieces used for him. The cape in particular looks cool. The face has some nicely sculpted stubble, much like Catman from a while back. For an accessory, there aren't any batarangs this time around, but there is a baseball bat. That marks the second DC universe figure in my collection to include one.

Also included is Bat-Mite. If you saw my previous post, you will recall that his leg came off. When I took him out of the package and was testing the joints, I thought his left leg seemed oddly loose, which is when it came detached. Rather than dealing with the hassle of sending it back for another figure, I opted to superglue the leg back on. The legs are on an angled swivel, so he wouldn't really be able to sit anyway, so I can live with one leg not being mobile.

"Batter's up, Batbrains!"



    But he is an awesome figure. I was lucky and as yet, my Bat-Mite remains in one piece.

  2. I was looking at this one at Wal-Mart the other day along with the Dark Knight one which I like the looks of. Neat seeing these at retail I think. : )

    1. I haven't seen these at retail yet, so I'm glad other people are.


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